17 February 2021

Building friendships through manicures with Helma and Jenny at Arcare Helensvale

Jenny and Helma from our Arcare Helensvale community have built a friendship through many manicure sessions together.

When our café was closed on weekends, Café Attendant Helma would offer the residents a manicure.

“I just love doing it, the residents are always asking me when I can paint their nails,” she shared.

She usually gives 13 manicures over a weekend.

And resident Jenny is one regular whom she looks forward to seeing.

“I’ve always had them painted, but when I wasn’t able to do them anymore, this dear lady (Helma) came along and asked if I’d like to get my nails painted and I said yes,”

“I used to paint them myself, but now I can’t really see that well,” Jenny said.

“It’s nice because we have a little chat and when we’re done, we would show off our manicures at lunchtime. It makes me feel good,” Jenny said.

From chatting about Jenny’s little grandchildren to sharing personal stories about heartbreak, Jenny and Helma have cherished these precious manicure moments together.

After losing her husband two years ago, Jenny was struggling to come to terms with the loss of her best friend.

But since moving into Arcare Helensvale, she has made good friends and opened up to many of our team members.

“I find it really good to have someone to talk to. When I’m down, I know I can just talk to the carers and they’ll listen. We have deeper conversations and I’ve felt a lot happier since I’ve been here,”

“You’re not on your own here,” Jenny shared.

Our Relationship-First Approach at Arcare values the connections between residents and team members.

It is friendships between Helma and Jenny that embody our values and commitment to nurturing these relationships.

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