5 February 2021

Meet Pat Roffey at Arcare Slacks Creek

Born in Brisbane, Pat Roffey is a warm and familiar face at our Arcare Slacks Creek community.

Pat has an older sister named Joan who is 14 months older and who comes to visit her every week.

Growing up, Pat described Joan as the one who was always in control while Pat herself was frightened most of the time.

Living during the years of the war, Pat recalls living on rations due to shortages in food and money.

Their parents were very strict and sent them off to Sunday school every week to learn the Catechism.

Even now, Pat takes the time to read the Bible on her own and chat with the Pastor when he visits her at Arcare Slacks Creek.

When possible, her daughter Donna would also take her to the Lutheran church.

Pat met her husband Lans at a popular dance club named Cloudland that was located at the top of Bowen Hills.

“He was a young constable at that time and we just clicked,’

“He offered to take me home, but I said no and that I wanted nothing to do with him. But he insisted and I eventually said yes”.

After getting married in 1963, they had three kids together named Mark, Donna and Paul.

Pat recalls going on holidays to the family farm that Lans bought for his father.

“It never turned out to be a holiday as we worked our butts off on those sorghum crops,” she shared.

The farm did not have any electricity and there was a barn with many snakes in them.

“I’m terrified of snakes, so I’d used to say that the best type of snakes are the dead ones.”

After living in Mount Isa, they moved to Brisbane, then to Townsville and back to Brisbane again, because of Lan’s job as a policeman.

“My husband insisted that whatever we did, we did it together,” Pat shared.

Their son Mark is now an IT expert, Donna is a Pharmacist and Paul a Molecular Biologist.

“I am very proud of my children, they each have three children of their own, so I have nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren.”

Seeing Pat speak of her supportive family in such a loving way brings a smile to our faces.

As she shared with us memories from her childhood and her life as a mother and wife, we get a glimpse into the strong woman that she is.

All of us at Arcare Slacks Creek are very happy to have her as part of our community.

arcare slacks creekarcare slacks creekArcare Slacks CreekArcare Slacks Creek

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