24 February 2021

Passionate about photography with Tony at Arcare Parkwood


Resident Tony LaRoche at our Arcare Parkwood community is passionate about all things photography.

He enjoys photographing macro shots, specifically scenes depicting nature, animals and the abstract.

He received his first camera at the young age of ten and recalled it was a Kodak Brownie film camera.

And when he could afford it, he went out to buy a 35mm compact camera.

“12 years ago, we moved into the digital era and I learnt to enhance photos,”

“It’s been very good going digital,” Tony said.

Tony also learnt how to use various photo editing softwares like Photoshop, although he prefers getting it right the first time.

“I try to get the right settings as I’m shooting in the moment,” he shared.

Tony has motor neuron disease which is causing his muscles to weaken each day.

However, being a passionate photographer, Tony still shoots around our residence with his compact camera.

He also presents his photographs to the other residents and provides a commentary on each image.

“They tend to prefer colourful and happy images more, so I’d share with them what each photo is about and try to engage with them,” Tony explained.

Besides being a self-taught photographer, Tony was trained as a pastor at Reedy Creek Baptist Church.

And he leads the Sunday Church services at Arcare Parkwood, even using some of his own photos in his sermon.

He and a few other residents also participate in model car racing on the weekends.

Tony is passionate about photography and sharing his interest with others.

When asked about what he loves most about photography, Tony shared, “It’s the fact that the camera has the ability to capture a moment in time.”passionate