27 May 2021

Portarlington’s Lego Master

86-year-old Arcare Portarlington resident, Andrew is proving that you are never too old for Lego.

The former mechanic and cinema projectionist has always enjoyed working with this hands, and has now turned to building complex Lego masterpieces to keep his hands busy.

‘I don’t like watching TV or sitting down to have a sleep. I like my hands working, so my mind is always busy.’

The team at Arcare Portarlington have been encouraging Andrew to continue his hobby, prompting him to display his creations around the residence to inspire the community.

Since moving into the Arcare Portarlington community in late 2020, this Lego Master has proudly displayed a variety of his Lego creations around the residence, such as the London Bridge, a combi van, a replica of Manchester United’s football stadium, pirate ship, treehouse and a huge rollercoaster.

Since their installation, the Lego displays have been stirring up quite the buzz, with many residents and team members stopping to inspect the intricate work.

“It takes him about one month to finish each project. He’s quite incredible, and they are amazing to look at.” Lifestyle coordinator, Tammy Baine said.