14 April 2021

Queenie turns 100

Arcare Knox The Lodge resident, Queenie celebrated her milestone 100th birthday on Tuesday 13th April.

The centenarian and Collingwood supporter has been a listener and caller to 3AW pretty much since 3AW adopted a talkback format.

Queenie has told the Arcare The Lodge team that she enjoys staying up late to listen and talk to her radio friend, Philip Brady on Nightline (now Remember When). Most of Melbourne would have heard Queenie calling 3AW at least once or twice, as she frequently rings in to give her opinions on the day’s hot topics.

In April 2019, shortly after moving into Arcare, Queenie was gifted a brand-new radio from 3AW, to ensure that she never missed a show in her new home. Much to Queenie’s delight and surprise, presenters Philip Brady and Simon Owens hand-delivered the radio to her.

Queenie is the first resident at Arcare The Lodge to celebrate a milestone 100th birthday, since the residence’s opening in 2015.

In honour of the momentous occasion, the team went all out, decorating the residence in Queenie’s beloved Collingwood colours and hiring one of her favourite local singers, Frank, to perform.

Members of Queenie’s family including her grandchildren and daughter attended the celebrations, and much to Queenie’s delight, she received an abundance of floral arrangement deliveries throughout the day from her close family and friends.

Wine and cheese platters were served throughout the afternoon, as Queenie and her fellow residents sat back and enjoyed the musical performance. As per usual, Queenie was far from shy about voicing her opinion, heckling performer, Frank in all good fun to play some ABBA or ‘Johnny Farnham’ for her.

Queenie thanked everyone for coming and praised the Arcare Knox The Lodge team for making the residence a wonderful home for her.

The Arcare Knox & The Lodge communities would like to wish Queenie a very Happy Birthday and Happy Returns.

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