26 November 2020

Recognising Brian

In recognition of 65 years of service to the Labor party, a well deserved celebration took place at Arcare Portarlington in November for esteemed resident, Brian.

The Labour Party had previously held a virtual recognition ceremony to celebrate Brian’s 65 years of service and loyalty in May 2020. However as COVID restrictions started to ease in November, the Labour Party wanted to make the effort to ensure that Brian’s milestone was celebrated properly in-person.

Federal MP Libby Coker made the trip down to Arcare Portarlington for the morning, to meet with Brian and thank him for his rich history of service.

Libby and Brian spent a good hour sitting together outside, discussing the Party’s history and the highlights of his service. Libby, who has a particular interest in the aged care sector, also enjoyed hearing Brian’s personal views and experiences living in aged care.

Brian’s face lit up as they began reminiscing about the historic past of the Labour Party and everything that Brian has been a part of over the years.

It was a truly lovely morning, and Brian and his family were appreciative to be honoured in such a way.

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