12 March 2021

Resident photographer and much loved friend

Colin, 93, has been carving space for an ongoing photography project that stimulates his technical mind but also enables creativity and development. He proudly walks visitors through his photo collections – on his double screen computer set up – and tells us that he uses photography to connect to those around him.

“It’s one of my important hobbies, I get a lot of fun out of it. I take pictures of people, generally residents, and process them in Lightroom and print them here. I present people with a 6×4 inch print and they look at it and say ‘oh is that me! oh it’s lovely!’. I’m technically minded as I was an engineer so I also get a lot of fun out of the process and understanding the software.”

Colin doesn’t need much more to connect with others, his soft and inviting personality has added to his famous name around the residence. Team members at Arcare Hillside that are close with him say that he spends a lot of his time with residents who have physical disabilities, encouraging an enriching daily life and using his charisma to add to the energy around him.

“I’ve been dining at the same table in the time that I’ve been there. There’s another gentleman, Gus, who has become a close friend, and Normie who has some physical difficulties. We have a lot of fun swapping experiences and jokes. Gus told me when I first arrived, ‘You will really like it here!’ And he’s right, I do like it here. It’s because they make us welcome and look after us properly. I’ve been here for 16 months now, I have to accept that I’m now in a home and will be for the rest of my life because I have a cancer and it’s incurable. The nursing staff take pride in understanding what I need. Here I am – happy. I like it here.”

His photographs have found an engaged audience in the Arcare community as well as online photo groups. His most recent photographs include clear and intricate panoramic landscapes and photographs of daily life, embracing the candid nature of carrying a camera around wherever he goes.