16 February 2021

Sensory blankets from Barbara for our Arcare North Shore community

Our community of Arcare North Shore consists of many talents among our residents, team members and family members.

And Barbara Culeton is undoubtedly one of them as she made sensory blankets for us.

She had previously been an active member of our Arcare community and had volunteered many hours running our infamous card group.

Due to COVID-19, Barbara took a step back to dedicate her time at Arcare to her mother Ingrid Szandro.

However, she still wanted to lend a helping hand where she can.

Using her incredible sewing skills, Barbara made a range of fidget and sensory blankets, catheter covers, and wheelie walker covers for our community.

“It’s just my way of giving back and still volunteering for this community I love,” Barb shared.

The Lifestyle team are very grateful for Barbara and her generosity. “We thank Barbara for the kindness and generosity she gives us,” Lifestyle Co-ordinator Tracey Perrett said.

Community is key to Arcare’s philosophy with people like Barbara embodying our Arcare Values of relationships and partnerships.

sensory blankets