5 February 2021

Showers of encouragement for Liz at Arcare Parkinson

Resident Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Murphy at Arcare Parkinson achieved a personal milestone of hers after receiving showers of encouragement from team members.

After suffering from a brain injury coupled with the death of her husband, Liz had been feeling anxious and reluctant about leaving her bed. “Her husband was always her courage,” a team member said.

With the support of Daniel (Personal Support Worker), Donna (Enrolled Nurse), Deborah (Lifestyle Co-ordinator) and a multitude of other team members, Liz had the support and encouragement she needed. Liz recently took the fabled ‘small step for man (out of bed) and made a giant leap for mankind (herself with the support of her relationships and her courage)!

The team were so proud of her that they made a Certificate of Courage to display in her room. “We want to give her this certificate as it feels like we are all giving her a bit of our courage,” Donna said.

When Liz was presented with the certificate, she said, “I can’t believe I did it; we did it together!”

Now, it is proudly displayed beside a photo of her husband who always supported and encouraged her.

Arcare Parkinson community is committed to supporting our residents to ensure they are achieving their milestones.

showers of encouragement showers of encouragement Showers of encouragement