10 February 2021

Always stylish and impeccably dressed: Marie Acreman

Marie Acreman at Arcare Seven Hills is always stylish and impeccably dressed.

She arrived for exercise one morning dressed in her black and white cardigan, an ornate purple necklace, a classic white turtleneck and neatly pressed pair of slacks.

“The reason I dress well is because of my seven kids; as a mother people expect you to dress in a certain way and I wanted to prove them wrong,” she shared.

Sitting on the beautiful white wicker chairs in her suite, Marie gave us a sneak peek into her eventful life and her wonderful collection of accessories.

Marie was born in Brisbane and has lived around the area her whole life.

Moving from Enoggera to Kingaroy and then to Sunnybank Hills, family has been the number one priority in her life.

After getting married at 20 years old, Marie had seven children of her own.

And she soon developed a strong sense of independence after learning that her first and second husbands were not up to the task.

Working as a Receptionist at a hairdresser to support her family, Marie picked up tricks of the trade and recalls having her own hair experimented on.

“The hairdresser had 60 apprentices and they all experimented on my hair,”

‘I’ve tried almost every colour, except for blue and purple,’

“In that time, purple was a colour for older people,” Marie shared.

With short snow-white hair now, Marie shared with us that her mum would braid her waist-length hair every day for school.

Taking pride in the way she is presented has always been an important part of Marie’s life.

And her suite is a testament to that as you admire the beautiful flowers, handmade quilts, family photos and pretty mementos she has on display.

“When I first moved in here, a Nurse offered to paint my nails and she’s been doing it ever since,” Marie explained as we admired her fiery red nails.

“The staff here are great; they are always smiling and they will take the time to chat with you,” she added.

When asked about a fashion advice, Marie said, “Just wear what makes you look good and feel good”.

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