23 February 2021

Sweet smells at flower arranging with Arcare North Shore

A rainy morning at our Arcare North Shore community had a bright burst of colour added as we participated in a morning of flower arranging.

Residents have been looking forward to this morning for quite some time now.

From sunflowers and roses to snap dragons and lasting beauties, the ladies enjoyed creating floral masterpieces that added some colour and joy to the Arcare community.

The sweet smells that filled the community were only heightened by our beautiful aromatherapy diffusers that encompassed the residents in peace and serenity.

However, no one enjoyed it more than the two ladies from our Dementia Community.

Together, they bonded over the flower arranging activity and a new friendship blossomed as they laughed and giggled.

“It was such a wonderful morning; I love my flowers!” Patricia said.

The end results were stunning and team members could not stop ogling at the sheer beauty.