11 February 2021

Townsville’s History with Henry and Barb

Resident Henry Board and Volunteer Barb from our Arcare North Shore community spent the stormy afternoon connecting over the history of Townsville.

Together, they looked through memorabilia of old Townsville, including a book that has been in Barb’s family for generations.

The differences between life then and now was thoroughly discussed as they fondly looked back on the “good old days”.

In short, the two found out that while Townsville has changed a lot over the years, many landmarks and buildings still remain the same.

“It is amazing to see the differences; all these memories just came flooding back,” Henry commented.

They were so engrossed in their conversation that our Lifestyle team could hardly get the pair to stop talking long enough for a photo!

Filled with interesting stories and photos from the past, Barb’s book of “Townsville Yesterday” really brought us on a trip down memory lane.

“Henry and Barb had a great time looking at old photos and sharing their own experiences, and this has really brought them closer,” a team member said.

Barb looks forward to sharing these great historic moments in time with the rest of our North Shore community.

For more information on Townville’s history, visit the City of Townsville’s website here.

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