16 February 2021

Valentine’s Day lunch for our couples at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

The three couples at our Arcare Eight Mile Plains community celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic lunch.

The Lifestyle and Catering teams prepared a delicious meal and a lovely atmosphere for them.

Residents Joyce and Peter Clifford were all smiles as they reminisced on married life and their many cycling trips together.

They had met each other at a cycling club and when Peter met Joyce, he was smitten by her straightaway.

Quite the active couple, Peter and Joyce would go out cycling or dancing every weekend.

And after getting married, they had three wonderful children.

Sipping on their red wine at our Valentine’s Day lunch, Joyce and Peter shared with us that they are very happy to be able to live in the community together.

“Today is a special day and I am very happy I can celebrate Valentine’s Day with Joyce,” Peter said.