Aged Care Eligibility

Is an assessment required to enter residential aged care?

Yes. In order to be eligible to receive aged care services, an aged care assessment is required for all prospective residents.

As all of the Arcare aged care communities are government funded, all potential residents will need to be assessed by the government (My Aged Care) as requiring aged care.

This assessment lets us know what type of care you or your loved one may require, allowing Arcare to claim government funding to reduce fees.

How do I book an Aged Care Assessment?

All aged care assessments are conducted by the ‘My Aged Care’ government body who are available via phone on 1800 200 422 or through the company website:

Watch a helpful video on the My Aged Care process

What happens once an Aged Care Assessment has been made?

The next step is to find an Arcare aged care residence in Queensland, NSW or Victoria that will best suit your loved one and your family.

All enquiries can be directed to 1300 297 189, where we will match you to an aged care residence that meets the care needs and financial situation of your loved one.

We can also organise a tour of the chosen Arcare aged care residence on your behalf.

What do I look for when selecting an aged care residence?

A good way to know if it’s the right aged care residence is by talking to team members and residents. Interacting with others and seeing how everyone interacts with each other will give a good indication of culture and atmosphere.

You should also look for cleanliness from the moment you step through the door through to every room in the residence.

Request an assessment

To find out your more about your Aged Care needs and eligibility for you or your loved one, please get in touch with one of our team members.