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Ageing in place at Arcare

People move into residential aged care because they need increased support to continue to live their lives – on their own terms. When you move to Arcare, you can enjoy a homelike environment with as much support, connection, and engagement as you need to help you age in place.

What is ageing in place in aged care?

What is ageing in place in aged care?

Ageing in place (sometimes referred to as aging in place) usually means a person can stay living in their home regardless of their increasing needs. However, it can also apply to a person who is already living in a residential care facility like Arcare.

When a person ages in place, it means you can stay in your own comfortable room at Arcare regardless of how much your needs increase. It means you can continue to enjoy the activities, social interaction, and privacy you enjoy while receiving additional personal and nursing care.

With our internationally recognised Relationship-First Approach, we nurture your wellbeing regardless of where you are in your ageing journey.

What are the benefits of ageing in place?

What are the benefits of ageing in place?

Ageing in place in aged care has many benefits, including:

  • An increased sense of independence which can improve quality of life.
  • Allowing you to keep contact with your Arcare friends and the local community.
  • Allowing you to continue with your Arcare team members who you have developed a relationship with.
  • Helping you live in a familiar environment without making drastic changes.
  • Improving your physical and mental wellbeing with activities available when you want to join.

Frequently asked questions about ageing in place at Arcare

How do you facilitate ageing in place when a person’s needs increase?

When you join us, we put a Care Plan in place which helps meet your clinical, social and spiritual needs. When you or your Arcare carers believe your needs are increasing, we do a Care Plan review where we can discuss any additional needs. We can then provide additional care and nursing to meet those needs.

Some ways we can help you age in place include:

  • We can arrange for allied health to assess for mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers.
  • If your medical needs increase, we can discuss this with you and your GP to make the arrangements. Arcare residences, of course, don’t replace the need for hospital care.
  • We have fall prevention strategies in place, including providing help in the bathroom and advice for keeping your private bedroom area free from clutter.
  • We have Dedicated Assignments who are team members who work regular shifts with the same groups of residents so you have familiarity and continuity.

Do you offer palliative care services?

We have a specialist palliative care team and can offer a secure, private, and dignified environment where medical help is on standby for you. Find out more about our palliative care services.

What is your visitor policy in residential aged care?

Arcare is home to our residents and therefore we don’t have visiting hours. We encourage family and friends to visit whenever they can and to enjoy a meal with their loved one if they’re able.

However, if the site has an outbreak (eg. COVID) visiting hours are changed as required. Please contact your Arcare residence reception.

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