Sensitive (Dementia) Care

We are committed to nurturing the well-being and development of all people who live in our residential communities. We understand that some people living with dementia require extra support in order to experience well-being and continued growth. Sensitive Care is a specialised environment specifically created to provide this extra support.

The Arcare team members working in Sensitive Care have chosen working with people living with dementia as their first preference and have completed a validated questionnaire that looks at their attitudes and beliefs about people living with dementia.

Supported living

Supported living

The Sensitive Care Community is focused on support and enablement rather than judgement and control. This includes the way that our team approach any expressions of distress that may be experienced by a resident.

People living with dementia can experience difficulty in communicating their feelings and preferences to others. Often feelings, moods and preferences are expressed non-verbally – through facial expression, protest, body language, tone of voice, etc.

This is where our Dedicated Assignments model is vital – the more you know someone, the better you are at deciphering their unique communicative expressions.

Consistent relationships

Consistent relationships

Arcare’s core value is to prioritise the development of respectful and trusting relationships between residents, team members and family.

These relationships are supported through our commitment to consistency – particularly the team members who assist with your daily personal care.

Enjoy a private tour

Arcare invites you to meet the residence team and experience the residence in person. Family and friends are welcome.

Support for family and friends

Support for family and friends

We provide access to a range of external resources designed to help you adjust and stay informed, including support groups, free individual counselling and education sessions.

We also have in-house resident meetings and social groups that friends and family in the Sensitive Care Community are welcome to attend. Most importantly, consistent Arcare team members are there for you to talk to, as are other families and residents.

Where do I begin?

Our specialised and dedicated team members are here to help you and your loved ones successfully navigate through the required aged care steps and provide a seamless transition into your new home.

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