16 July 2021

5 reasons to join our art class at Arcare North Lakes

The residents within our Arcare communities are unique in every way shape and form, but are united by one factor – they are valued by Arcare Aged Care to have an enriched and supported life. Each resident has their own unique story and quirk which is why our lifestyle teams work hard to devise programs that empower and inspire our communities. A majority of the lifestyle programs are devised and shaped in conversation with residents who provide feedback on what is enjoyable.

At Arcare North Lakes, our lifestyle team comprised of Maree Katic, Lifestyle Coordinator and Catherine Neubauer, Lifestyle Assistant, is dedicated to providing empowered residents with the option of joining in on activities that are of interest to the individual. The choice is yours.

Every Friday, the community gathers together for ‘sip and paint’ art classes led by the residents.

One: these painting classes are resident led.

There are two residents who both have backgrounds as artists.

These two volunteer to take these classes in turn and provide a painting for the resident students to learn from and paint step by step.

Advice and tips are provided by the resident art teacher and the supplies are provided by the lifestyle team. Each class tends to run for around 45-60 mins.

Two: all are welcome, regardless of skill level or experience.

There are no pre-entry requirements to these art classes and many residents have varying levels of skill.

Residents are taught how to use brushes, mix paint and create different textures in accordance to the style of the resident teacher.

“I enjoy being able to just sit, observe and paint with my friends,”

Team members are on standby to assist with escorting residents to and from the art class in the cafe.

Three: it’s a great way to connect and meet with other residents.

Residents are able to sit at any of the canvas stations and strike up a conversation with a fellow artist neighbour.

However, some residents prefer to work diligently in silence, the layout is strategically set up to cater to the residents’ interest.

When you arrive to cafe, you are offered an art gown to avoid any spills or mess. You can select a seat of your choice and the resident art teacher will commence the class.

This low key environment helps residents to meet one another in a calm and relaxing setting.

Four: destress and unwind for the week.

Studies show that art therapy has cognitive and wellbeing benefits.

The art classes are held on a Friday afternoon which encourages residents to destress after a long week and prepare for the weekend ahead.

Many residents have provided feedback on how seamless the experience is, and the ability to finish the class and be escorted back to their suite or chosen destination.

Leave the clean up to our teams.

Five: decorate your suite with your art.

After the art class, residents are welcome to take their art pieces back to decorate their suite or gift them to loved ones.

A number of regular resident art students have plenty of pieces of different styles on display in their suites.

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