1 December 2021

Lifestyle team organises flight for former pilot

We couldn’t be more thrilled to facilitate an incredible adventure for 80 year old Arcare Peregian Springs resident and ex-pilot Keith Clark, who took to the skies again in a Cessna 182. Keith was a pilot in the Rhodesia air-force and Qantas for over 30 years and prior to take-off he said “To have a chance of going up in the air again, it will be fantastic. I absolutely miss flying!” 

Arcare Peregian Springs Lifestyle Coordinator Diane Tyler spearheaded the project, noting that it’s a particularly nostalgic and special experience to coordinate, telling us that“Reliving his flying days has always been his dream and it is such an exciting opportunity for him to have another chance to get into the air!”

Sunshine Coast local George Palmer, a semi-retired Airline pilot currently working as a Simulator instructor led the experienceGeorge completed aircraft instructing and has flown since the age of 16 with a career with Ansett and Singapore Airlines where he retired as a 747 captain.
“I am honoured to be doing this for Keith as a fellow aviator,” George adds.

Flying runs in the family and joining the flight was Keith’s son Peter – also a trained pilot. “It is very inspiring for Keith to have the opportunity to be in the air again and to also have his family present. It will be a very special experience for me sharing this with Dad.” Keith’s two other children Cameron and Alice and grandchildren were also there to witness Keith’s take off.

See the story on Channel Nine News here. 

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