21 December 2020

Seeing the Christmas lights around Arcare Glenhaven

Residents at Arcare Glenhaven have been going out and about on nightly bus trips to see the Christmas lights in their neighbourhood.

So far, the Lifestyle team have gone sightseeing with seven groups of residents over the last two weeks.

They have explored the Christmas lights scene around Castle Hill, Kellyville and Glenhaven.

They even took a sneaky detour to Maccas to get some ice cream.

Jeanette, Chloe and Vanessa and Elissa from the Lifestyle team have all taken turns to drive and navigate around the houses with well-lit Christmas lights and the residents simply loved it.

They all had such a great time that a few have even asked their families to take them out again!

One of our lovely residents named Vida asked us for the map of all the Christmas houses we went to, so she and her family could see them together.

We are already planning on doing this all over again next year and we hope to invite even more residents out to see the pretty lights and to spread some Christmas cheer.