20 July 2021

Two chess moves to win at Arcare Noosa

20 July 2021 marks World Chess Day, a popular board game of strategy and wit that transcends generations. The love for the game brings millions of players worldwide, of all backgrounds and ages together with some.

Full community support of interests

Arcare Aged Care provides a supported and enriched lifestyle for residents to continue their passions and interests. Our round the clock care means that residents and their loved ones can focus on what is important to them.

The lifestyle teams interview residents to find out their interests when developing their custom care plan, and then activities are shaped to match resident’s interests. Our lifestyle teams are equipped to provide residents with the tools they need to live their best lives.

Ray’s story

Arcare Noosa is home to 82 year old Raymond ‘Ray’ Furness, a charming chess fanatic who joined the Arcare Noosa community earlier this year. “I learned to play chess when I was little and started to play with others when I travelled overseas.” In his travels across the world, Ray fondly recalls a time crossing paths with World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer.

Nowadays, you’ll find Ray relaxing in his suite with views of scenic Noosa, strolling down the halls and chatting to friends or playing a good game of chess with fellow residents. A strong and vocal Collingwood Magpie supporter, Ray’s competitive edge is sharpened by his love for a good game of chess.

When asked what he enjoys most about chess, Ray shared “it’s a game of strategy and you are always thinking and anticipating outcomes.”

Originally a removal specialist from Melbourne, Victoria, Ray moved into Arcare Noosa earlier in 2021 to be closer to his daughter and family. He was delighted to join the community of retired families originally from Victoria that he helped relocate in his former working career.

“It’s so different to what it used to be. Back then, this whole area used to be bushland and now it’s amazing to see the changes now.”

“It’s fantastic here at Arcare Noosa because they encourage a lot of the interaction between residents and the food is excellent,” Ray says.

“the lifestyle coordinator takes us out on trips once a week to explore the community when it’s safe, so it’s great.”

Did you know?

It’s possible to finish a game of chess in two moves.

Chess is now played all over the world, but its origins supposedly began in India way back in the 6th Century.

Chess is a great way to strengthen and train your mental stamina.

Checkmate at Arcare Aged Care

As well as engaging in the weekly lifestyle activities, Ray continues to play chess against his fellow residents but is always looking for a good chess game against a volunteer.

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