28 April 2021

World Art Day at Arcare Waterview

To celebrate World Art Day in April, the Arcare Waterview community located in Craigieburn, hosted a community art exhibition.

Wanting to not only celebrate the talented artists and artwork from within the Arcare Waterview community, the team chose to reach out to local artists, schools, childcare centres, students, council galleries and local community groups for artwork for the Exhibition; to truly make this a ‘community’ event.

The Waterview community received an outstanding response from the local community, with over 150 amazing pieces of art being submitted for display. With artwork coming from artists as young as one to as wise as 97, the Waterview community had a large variety of artwork for their exhibition.

The Arcare Waterview Community Art Exhibition opened on Tuesday 13th April and ran until World Art Day on Thursday 15th April.

The lifestyle team put in a tremendous effort to transform the residence into an art gallery, taking down the existing artwork around the hallways to replace it with the community artwork; not a single wall or hallway was bare.

“We wanted to transform the residence into an Community Art Gallery for World Art Day to not only bring the local community in, but to create a different and engaging environment for our residents. As there are still some restrictions on outings, we wanted to bring the art gallery to them.” Lifestyle Co-ordinator, Kayla said.

Over the course of the week, there was a buzz about the residence, with the exhibition not only encouraging more residents to venture out of their suites to see what was going on, but it also encouraged more families and friends to come in to visit.

“It’s so nice to see something different up on the walls for a change!” Resident and artist, Betty said.

Many community members also visited the residence for the first time to view the Exhibition, with many not only commenting on the artwork, but how beautiful the residence is and how they didn’t expect aged care to be so 5-star.

Waterview’s Community Art Exhibition was a huge success thanks to the wonderful team and local Craigieburn artists, and although the residents were sad to see the artwork be taken down after the Exhibition, the team promises to try and do something similar again in the future.

See some of the amazing artists and artwork from the Craigieburn and Waterview communities…

Arcare Waterview residents, families & team members

Arcare Waterview Client Services Manager (Sales), Sharon Moran

Arcare Waterview Client Services Manager (Sales), Sharon Moran

Arcare Waterview Client Services Manager (Sales), Sharon Moran

Resident, Audrey with her artwork

Resident, Betty with her artwork

Resident, Renate with her artwork

Resident, Betty

Resident, Visha’s artwork

Resident, Vicky seeing her son’s artwork


Resident, Visha with her artwork

Local artists & community artwork

Community artist, Lena Powderly

Community artist, Vicki

Local schools and childcare centres

Newbury Primary School – Year 3 students

Newbury Primary School students

Newbury Primary School students

Newbury Primary School – Prep students

Newbury Primary School – Prep students

Newbury Primary School – Year 1 students