20 June 2019

A busy month at Arcare Sydenham

Volunteers’ high tea

The Arcare Sydenham community hosted a high tea afternoon for all their amazing volunteers.

The lifestyle team at Sydenham said that it was there pleasure to host an afternoon tea for the well-deserving volunteers, as they work so hard throughout the year to bring smiles to all the clients faces.

Arcare Sydenham ensured that they made the afternoon special and memorable, as they honoured each the volunteers by presenting them with a certificate, volunteer pin, chocolates and wine.

It was a wonderful afternoon for everyone involved.


As a part of the lifestyle program in the sensitive care unit at Arcare Sydenham, clients have been tasked with the responsibility of planting, maintaining and harvesting a vegetable garden.

Clients have been working hard to upkeep the new community garden. Some clients have even been waking up early to ensure that the garden has been watered for the day.

Arcare Aged Care Sydenham Gardening1


In June, Arcare Sydenham had a pizza making day.

All of the clients were invited to create their own pizzas with what they liked on them. Some family members and friends even joined in on the activity.

It was interesting to watch, how so many of the clients became so engrossed with every detail of their pizza; the placement of every element needed to be perfect.

Once the pizzas came out of Sydenham’s new pizza oven, everyone dig in and had a feast.

Arcare Aged Care Sydenham Pizzamaking1


The ladies in Arcare Sydenham’s sensitive care unit often enjoy keeping busy by knitting. The Lifestyle team at Sydenham, took this upon themselves to form a knitting group to ensure that all the ladies had an opportunity to connect.

The ladies knitting group meets on a regular basis to create various clothing items to either wear, donate or sell at a local market. The ladies are currently working with bright colours and are making some beautiful sensory pieces.

Some of the clients find it difficult to use the knitting needles, but nothing stops them from being involved in other ways such as fetching the yarn or creating conversation with other group members.

Billiards Club

Arcare Sydenham have recently formed a ‘Billiards Club’. This is a newly form group of men ensuring to meet up weekly, chatting, sipping beers & offcourse playing billiards.

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