28 October 2019

A day of Diwali celebrations at Arcare Springwood

It is Diwali day at Arcare Springwood!

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights that celebrates good over evil.

And the word ‘Diwali’ literally means rows of lights.

During the festivities, people usually decorate their homes, shops and other public places during the five-day celebrations.

In the morning, the lifestyle team Rebecca and Helen decorated the Arcare Springwood community hub with lots of colour and lights.

As they were getting ready, some of the team members put on their traditional costumes.

Our wonderful receptionist Yashoda excitedly shared her culture with our clients and also taught everyone how to wear a saree.

We had a few volunteers who assisted the clients with the saree as this was something new for them.

We later found out that some sarees can even go up to six metres in length!

Besides the beautiful costumes, team members also brought in their shiny, gold jewellery to show the clients.

Some of them also ended up having a go at getting henna tattoos on their hands.

Overall, it was a great morning learning about the Indian traditions and the significance of these celebrations.

And Arcare Springwood definitely looked very bright and colourful today!

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