10 July 2019

A special morning with children and grandparents at The Lakes College

Located just a short distance from Arcare North Lakes is the popular primary and secondary day school, The Lakes College.

As our clients boarded onto bus in anticipation, there was much excitement and chatter as the bus turned into the streets close to the school.

As the bus entered the school, there were a lots of children standing by the gate waving, giving all of us a very warm welcome!

Following the warm welcome, the clients were given a special spot right up the front of the school hall.

Everyone sang along to many songs and the grandparents also shared many fond stories of their childhood, their dreams and their life experiences.

Some of them had even travelled great distances from overseas to attend this special morning with their grandchildren!

Seeing the young children’s faces made our clients feel young at heart once again and it also brought back many memories of their own children.

How things have changed over the years but it sure was a lovely morning!

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