29 July 2019

A whole lotta prizes for a special bingo morning

As always, clients at Arcare North Lakes truly enjoy our special bingo morning! They are always keen to arrive super early to get the best seat in the house, even if it means requesting from the care staff to have their morning tea delivered.

There was lots of chatter and excitement around the room about the new prize that was displayed in the room for all to see.

“I hope I win that lovely blouse on the mannequin over there!” a client said.
While another client commented she wanted one of those scarves.

Prizes went very quickly as the game progressed and the hour flew by ever so quickly!

Clients were very happy to have their photos taken with their chosen prizes and there was a lot of happy smiles and positivity as they left the room, ready for their lunch.

“A whole lotta work was put into the trolley prizes this time!” a client commented.

By offering everyone an equal opportunity to win prizes, the clients experienced happiness and joy, especially from receiving a prize that was uniquely different.

Clients were also able to make their own decisions about the type of prize that they would like to have. Whether it be clothing or a display item, they chose it independently to match their individual style and personality.

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