28 August 2020

Meet adorable Alex, an 8-month-old python at Arcare Pimpama

Last week, the clients at Arcare Pimpama had a very special visit from a cold-blooded friend who was small enough to fit into the palm of their hand. His name was Alex and he was an 8-month-old spotted python!

An Arcare Pimpama team member decided to bring him in to challenge the clients to step out of their comfort zones.

Many of the clients were very brave as they excitedly reach out their hand for Alex to be placed in.

Wriggling around on their palms, the clients felt his cool skin on their warm hands.

‘He’s small enough for me to keep him in my pocket and take him home with me,’ a client joked.

The clients loved having cuddles with Alex as it helped them to unwind.

His adorable size and curiosity also charmed the clients at Arcare Pimpama…well, most of them anyway.

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