12 June 2020

Aloha to Hawaiian Happy Hour at Arcare Warriewood

Aloha! Clients and team members at Arcare Warriewood got dressed up in their grass skirts, tropical shirts and floral leis for this week’s Hawaiian theme at Happy Hour.

So far in different weeks, they have worn the colour red, dressed up in different music styles and even become royalty for a day.

The Hawaiian theme turned out to be great as the clients had a fun afternoon taking photos with the handmade photo-frame.

Leading up to the occasion, the clients were very enthusiastic about making their own decorations, putting together the pineapple-flamingo frame and deciding on their tropical costumes.

To get into the Hawaiian spirit, they even learnt some Hawaiian dance moves such as the hula.

The splashes of colour around the residence also brought a smile to everyone faces, especially on the wet and cold winter afternoon.

‘Everything looks so colourful and fun! I really enjoyed myself,’ a client shared.

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