23 August 2019

An Ekka day filled with animals at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

For their amazing Ekka week this year, the lifestyle team at Arcare Eight Mile Plains put together an animal-filled celebration.

ABC Farm came in for a visit and they brought along with them many cute and cuddly animals like goats, chickens, sheep and rabbits.

The clients simply had so much fun cuddling and playing with the farm animals! The animals themselves were also very friendly and open to lots of cuddles.

As Jean held on tightly to the little piglet she said, “I do not want to let go of this little piglet, it’s so well behaved!”.

Besides having a fun experience with the farm animals, there was another chirpy surprise from a familiar face!

Boutique Birds returned to Arcare Eight Mile Plains with their little birdy friends.

As they are regular visitors to the residence, the birds could not help but make themselves feel right at home!

One of the black and white budgies perched on the Mia’s’ head throughout the entire visit, the bird was feeling a little shy but Mia had could not stop laughing from its funny antics.

Another fellow budgie with beautiful orange cheeks was Beryl’s favourite. She just could not stop smiling when the bird went from her shoulder to her arm to have some food.

The animal-filled day brought so much joy to the clients and team members as they got to play with the animals and feed them.

Another highlight of the Ekka celebrations was being able to relive some of their memories.

For example, we featured Betty’s photo and collection of medals from her time in the Navy.

For many years, she has kept it close to her and she looks at it every day.

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