19 July 2019

An intense game of poker at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

To change things up, Lifestyle Coordinator at Arcare Eight Mile Plains, Ruth got together with the lovely people from McCartney’s Funeral Home for a game of poker.

As the clients sat down at the round table, their collection of poker chips and poker cards were handed out to them. Betty dutifully counted them to make sure she had her share.

The game had begun! There was silence when one needed to think of their next strategy and laughter when someone had won or lost.

As the game went on, Dorothy’s pile of poker chips had accumulated and she had to gingerly place them on top of each other. You can just see the intense look of concentration on her face!

For some, poker can be a relaxing game. But for many, poker requires skill and strategy. For Patricia, she took the game seriously as she tried to her best to follow the rules and play well.

Thank you to McCartney’s Funeral Home for joining us in a game of poker. The expressions on our client’s faces is enough to tell that they had a marvellous time.

It didn’t matter if someone won or lost, because most importantly, it was about the fun and friendship we all had.

We are looking forward to them coming for a casino night!

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