14 November 2018

Ann and Alfred

Ann and Alfred met accidentally one day when Alfred had only just arrived in Australia from Holland. Alfred, who didn’t speak a word of English, was waiting to be picked up by his brother. Ann was there with her Scottish friend and happened to overhear Alfred’s brother explain that these were typical Australian girls.

Both parties made their way to the train station and they began talking in Dutch. The polite and caring Ann asked the brothers to dinner at her parents home. This was over 60 years: the rest is a happily married life which has given them three children and six grandchildren.

In their early married life from 1955 they lived in Box Hill, eventually making their way to East Gippsland where they ran a successful take away café for many years. The couple decided to move to Arcare Malvern East to help support Alfred with mobility issues.

Alfred and Ann both lead a very active life at Arcare Malvern East; attending most activities, especially the bus outings. Ann is a member of the recently-formed gardening club and the knitting and crochet group which has been making items to be donated to charity.

Julie Wentworth


by Tina Spencer, team member

The modest Julie was born in Coburg, along with her brother, and lived there for several years before the family moved to South Camberwell.

A music teacher by profession, Julie taught in many prestigious schools throughout Victoria.

Yoga was an interest of Julie’s which she taught for over 30 years as well as travelling extensively.

Arcare East Malvern is where Julie settled once her body began to ‘complain of aches and pains’.

Julie is a pleasure to have taking part in any activity; bringing an everlasting smile and words of praise for all in the community.

We wish her many happy years of well-earned retirement.

You can find out more about Julie’s life here. 

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