29 July 2019

Arcare Springwood’s gentlemanly piano player, Ray

Ray is a volunteer who visits both Arcare Springwood and Arcare Slacks Creek. Whenever Ray comes to perform the piano, he dresses like an English gentleman, much to everyone’s delight!

He puts on his shiny red vest, bow ties and slacks and everybody truly enjoys his piano performances and his special outfit.

Ray has been playing the piano since he was 13 years old, which means he has been playing the piano for about 70 years already!

Ray grew up in the United Kingdom and it was always his sister who received piano lessons instead of him.

They had a piano in their house so Ray diligently spent many hours teaching himself how to play!

Ray stated that even though he did not get taught on how to play the piano professionally, he can still learn to play most tunes simply by listening to them. What a wonderful talent he has!

Ray has really enjoyed playing our beautiful grand piano here at Springwood, and we have all truly enjoyed listening to him play the piano for us.

We all get to sing along to the tunes and even sometimes have a dance!

Ray is a testimony to what it means to follow your dreams and keep on practicing till it’s perfect. At over 70 years old, Ray still enjoys playing the piano and he especially loves entertaining others.

Here at Arcare Springwood, we have a number of volunteers to brighten up the lives of our clients day by day. If this is something you are interested in joining, contact Arcare Springwood and we would love to chat with you!

Our volunteers mean the world to us and to our clients.

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