30 September 2019

Arcare Springwood’s very own barber shop

Arcare Springwood is now offering weekly barber services for our lovely gentlemen.

The full barber service comes with hot towels and beers.

To create the vintage barber shop look, Arcare Springwood’s maintenance manager, Luke decided to start a little project.

With the help of some of the clients, together they created and painted an amazing barber’s pole, complete with the blue, red and white stripes.

The pole even comes with a flashing light on the top to show customers we are open for business.

Now, the barber’s pole is proudly displayed in front of the hair salon for all to see.

This project inspired Luke to find out more about the history of the barber’s pole and here is what he found.

Hundreds of years ago, barbers didn’t just cut hair.

They also served as the local dentist and surgeon for lower income people who could not afford to visit a physician.

In order to differentiate between surgeons and barbers, the United Barber Surgeon’s Company decided to allocate special coloured poles to identify their different practices.

Barbers were required to use a red and white pole while surgeons had to use a red pole.

While some people have said that the red represents arterial blood, blue symbolises venous blood, and white depicts the bandage.

Here at the Arcare Springwood, we will definitely not be offering tooth extractions anytime soon.

But we will definitely be offering great haircuts, cold beers and a service with a smile!

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