20 September 2019

Arcare Warriewood Grand Opening

We watched as the land was cleared, the foundations laid, and the building process took shape. All 130 rooms were prepped and ready, all 5 dinning areas were set, 13 lounge rooms all had their cushions fluffed and ready, waiting for this day.

After many months of preparation, it was finally time for the newest five-star aged care facility to open on the Northern Beaches – Arcare Warriewood , it was grand opening day. Staff new and old gathered in the foyer for one last pep talk before the hour hand ticked over and it was show time.

The weather was anything but ideal which made us nervous as so many hours went into putting together such a big event, but despite the wet, windy and plain old horrible weather, hundreds appeared through the front doors to be met with a warm welcome.

With a sweet treat in hand from the head chef, each group was directed to the piano room to wait for the next tour. Staff members took small groups around showing off what Arcare Warriewood had to offer, from the Billiards room, activity centres, movie theatre to the roof top terrace complete with putting green and electric BBQ.

Every which way you looked there were people. People on tours, people taking part in the free activities, people inspecting rooms, people talking to staff and people still walking through the doors. Arcare Warriewood was buzzing.

‘Oh, isn’t just beautiful’, ‘Look at how much space there is!’, ‘Aren’t these rooms beautiful’ were just some of the many comments coming from every corner of the building.

At the end of each tour, guests were directed to the second-floor dining area where everyone was welcome to free coffee, raw treats, vegan ice cream and even a free neck and shoulders massage.

Everyone was welcome to whatever they want and were encouraged to sit, relax and enjoy the live music as they discuss what they had just seen.

As the crowds slowly dispersed, team members began to sit and rub sore feet. It had been a long and busy day but a rewarding one. As the last guests made their way out the front doors the team gathered once again to celebrate a job well done.

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