6 October 2021

Artist profile: Maree McLellan Fields

Maree (resident at Arcare Maroochydore) entered two artworks into Arcare’s Card Art competition 2021, both are very important to her as they were painted two weeks before her husband passed. 

As a teenager, she often used watercolours as she had a hard time procuring acrylic paints and canvases. It wasn’t until she was 25 that she was able to attain them and was introduced to a lady who taught her how to paint with the acrylics and how to prep a canvas.

Growing up, she enjoyed sewing, knitting and breeding dogs. Then throughout her life she enjoyed travelling to surrounding locations near her home and painting. Her family and friends describe her as determined, kind, passionate and loving.

She has always loved painting landscapes, especially the details of trees. Throughout her life, she has given many people lessons and sold several of her paintings.

Now at the age of 85 she still paints regularly at Arcare and is currently working on five different paintings supported by Arcare’s Lifestyle team. You can also vote for Maree’s artwork in the ‘Mental Health’ category of Arcare’s Card Art Competition 2021. 

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