22 April 2021

Australian Broadway Actress Nonie Stewart – A hit

Venture into the leafy suburb of Arcare Taigum and you’ll find remarkable residents enjoying their slice of paradise. One resident in particular, is none other than Ascot local, Nonie Stewart. An avid fan of all things theatrical and broadway oriented, we share the delightful story of a small town girl hitting it big on the global stage.

Meet 91-year-old Arcare Taigum resident, Nonie Stewart. Known for her successful broadway and acting career, Nonie is no stranger to the world stage having performed all across Australia, Canada, USA and France.

We were fortunate to flick through the reams of newspaper clippings that her sister put together for her. Originally from Brisbane, the theatre critics of her time praised her as a ‘mighty spirited actress’. Her advice for young Australian actors was to not go to the United States unless they had “an iron will, never-say-die attitude and were prepared to forego many things”.

Arcare Aged Care Lifestyle Coordinator Gary speaks highly of Nonie and she continues to share her special talents with the Arcare Tagium community. Arcare Aged Care is delighted to continue to preserve and share the inspiring stories of our residents.

Enjoy a brief video of some of Nonie’s articles.