12 November 2019

Baby shower celebration for beloved carer, Sandeep

Team members and clients from the Arcare Keysborough community were left feeling clucky, after they attended beloved carer, Sandeep’s baby shower celebration.

Sandeep, who worked in the Kandy unit at Arcare Keysborough, had built up close relationships with all of the clients during her time working as their carer. Many of the clients from the Kandy unit were especially sad to see Sandeep go on maternity leave, as they were going to miss kind smile and warm words.

While the community were sad to see Sandeep go on maternity leave, everyone thoroughly enjoyed being able to send her off with a proper celebration.

The fun afternoon was filled with baby trivia and games, which included timed nappy-changing races. Client, Gina enjoyed watching over mum-to-be, Sandeep, as she frantically changed nappies on a doll. Gina was kind to lend Sandeep a hand and point out a few helpful tricks along the way, saying “I’ve done this so many times with my own children!”

Sandeep will be greatly missed and the Arcare Keysborough community would like to wish her all the best for this very exciting chapter in her life.

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