18 February 2020

Backyard bugs

In February, the Arcare Caulfield community had the pleasure of being involved in Melbourne Museum’s Backyard Bugs program.

The clients were a tad overwhelmed when they heard that Melbourne Museum was bringing a variety of creepy crawlies into the residence as a part of their presentation.

Despite their anxiety and concern, a large group of clients showed up to watch the presentation.

Gasps could be heard throughout the crowd, as the presenter asked if anyone wanted to pat the world’s largest cockroach. Fearless client, Helga was more than eager to pat the cockroach, saying, “What a beautiful creature?” as she further inspected the bug.

Client, Rose Claire was more than happy to help out the presenter, by walking around to show the other clients what was on display, especially one of the world’s largest Huntsman spiders.

“I hope none of the bugs get out!” One client joked in a serious tone.

The clients couldn’t believe how many bugs, they have never heard of or seen before; with many of these bugs originating from Australia and with many living in our own backyards.

Arcare Aged Care Caulfield Backyard Bugs

Arcare Aged Care Caulfield Backyard Bugs

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