14 August 2019

Baker’s club

Clients from our 5-star aged care community in Carnegie, enjoyed a cake decorating class led by lifestyle coordinator, Lou.

The group of mostly ladies, spent the morning chatting, as they baked, iced and decorated their own cupcakes.

While decorating the cupcakes, a few of the ladies reminisced about how they reminded them of their birthday cakes as children. This led to a lively conversation about their favourite birthday memories, and the best tasting, and best decorated cakes that they had ever seen.

One lady mentioned a football themed cake, she had seen, that was bright green and had pipe cleaners sticking out of it, to represent goal posts. Two other ladies discussed how their favourite cake design, was the one where the Barbie doll stood in the middle and the cake surrounded her, representing her dress.

“I believe that they even used to make those Barbie cakes, as ice-cream cakes as well!” One lady exclaimed, before the other licked her lips, at the thought of the delicious ice-cream cake.

The ladies then had the pleasure of eating their creations for morning tea. What wonderful memories were created and shared between the group in their baker’s club.

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