27 May 2019

Enjoying Biggest Morning Tea at Springwood’s new café

Arcare Springwood took part in Cancer Council Australia’s largest, most popular and successful fundraising event at their new cafe!

There was a lot of laughter, joy and good conversations as clients, family, friends, community visitors and team members all joined together to raise money for a good cause.

There was plenty of scones and jams provided by Woolworths and there was a huge turnout! Everyone enjoyed the food and the good atmosphere. The team at Springwood did an amazing job of putting it all together.

Our new Community Room was bustling with activity as everyone gathered there to enjoy the delicious morning tea. It is the perfect space for a large gathering as there is plenty of sunlight, the café is very close by and there are plenty of comfortable lounge chairs for guests to relax in.

Springwood team members showed in blue clothes to show their support for the Cancer Council cause while clients happily looked forward to this big event.

By opening up the event to families, friends and the wider community, the clients at Springwood were able to meet new people and catch up with one another. This gives them a great opportunity to continue to socialise and interact while boosting their mood and providing companionship.

Because of great teamwork and everyone’s contribution, we were able to raise over $200! We are so proud to be able to give what we can to help those affected by cancer.

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