23 October 2019

Right on cue!

For months, the Arcare Surrey Hills community had been requesting for a billiards table to be installed in one of their lounge rooms. 99 year old client, Ligorio had been leading the petition for the billiards table, as he believed that the table would provide endless enjoyment for not only himself, but the entire community. Ligorio has thoroughly enjoyed playing pool throughout his life, playing in tournaments and now, even owning his very own personalised cue.

In September, the community’s request was finally fulfilled, as their brand new billiards table was officially opened.

Clients gathered in the upstairs lounge room to celebrate the opening of the latest 5-star amenity at Arcare Surrey Hills. Residence manager, Shantala served the clients refreshing french champagne, and a volunteer passed around snacks.

Arcare Aged Care Surrey Hills Pool Table Opening 1

Lifestyle coordinator, Monique opened the ceremony with a beautiful speech, dedicating the table to Ligorio and his passion for the game. A smiled beamed from Ligorio’s face, as he got up from his chair to say a few heartfelt words to the team and his fellow peers, “Thank-you from the bottom of my heart… this really means so much.” he said.

Monique assisted Ligorio to cut the ceremonial ribbon to officially open the billiards table to the community.

Arcare Aged Care Surrey Hills Pool Table Opening 2

Ligorio ended the official proceedings, by challenging Shantala and Monique to a game. Shantala laughed and insisted that her pool skills were not as refined as Ligorio’s, however she was more than willing to engage in a little bit of fun with her wonderful clients.

Arcare Aged Care Surrey Hills Pool Table Opening 6

Ligorio took the first shot, and then Shantala and Monique had their turn. Ligorio then encouraged other clients to get up and have a go.

Client, Reg eagerly got up and selected a pool cue from the rack. With the assistance from a team member, Reg steadied himself to line up and take shot. Reg sunk the first ball and the cheeky, satisfied grin on his face said it all. After that, Reg couldn’t get enough of the game, even cheekily trying to steal one of Ligorio’s turns, just to have another shot.

The community cheered the pair on as they continued to play. Reg’s daughter proudly watched on, and couldn’t believe that her normally reluctant father, was up and about, smiling, laughing and engaging with the community. “I can’t believe this! I need to video it to show the family.” Reg’s daughter said shocked by her father’s involvement and skill.

Ligorio and Reg played a tough game, however after Ligorio accidentally sunk the dreaded black ball, the game was won by Reg. Immediately Ligorio challenged Reg to a rematch, as he was keen to maintain his title of Surrey Hills’ billiards champion.

The pair continued to play against one another for several hours, with their competitive sides being revealed.

The Arcare Surrey Hills team are excited to witness the endless enjoyment that the billiards table will provide to the community.

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