29 November 2019

Brighton’s Spring Gala

On Saturday 16th November, the Arcare Brighton community opened their doors to the wider community, for their Spring Gala.

The day was full of free workshops, tastings, keepsakes and merriment galore. Many family members, clients and team members chose to come along to experience the fun and community spirit.

There was something for everyone available on the day. Many chose to peruse the various artisan markets stalls, indulge in the free delicious Messina and simply relax, and enjoy warm Spring day and welcoming atmosphere.

Many took advantage of the free pet and family photography that was available throughout the day; wanting to capture the invaluable memories that were created. Others enjoyed sampling and working their way around the residence, indulging in the free tea tasting, flower arranging workshops, bespoke spice mixing and still life drawing seminars.

Arcare Brighton’s lifestyle coordinator, Margaret Lucky, even got into the community spirit of the day, hosting her own market stall for her desserts business, All Sweets and Cake Co. Margaret’s stall was a hit with the community, with many friendly faces coming up to buy a cupcake, mini Christmas pudding or a tea cake to take home.

Spring flavours such as Mango, Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Chip and Apple Pie were on offer at the Gelato Messina stand. Many curious clients wanted to sample the variety of the ice-cream flavours, before finally making their decision. Heated debates started within the community about which Messina Gelato flavour was the nicest, with individuals urging others to try them all.

The community was even treated to two spectacular performances from world-famous pianist, Alan Kogosowski. A large crowd gathered in Arcare Brighton’s upstairs piano lounge to listen and watch the magnificence unfold. The beautiful compositions echoed around the residence, spilling out into the front courtyard.

Arcare Brighton’s Spring Gala was an excellent opportunity for members of the internal and wider communities to engage with one another, build their relationships and create lasting memories. With many clients and family members commending the Arcare Brighton team for their hard-work and extensive efforts to deliver a wonderful community day for all; the team are now excited to start working on and deliver in better community days in the future.

See & download the photos from Arcare Brighton’s Spring Gala below:

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