28 November 2019

Reservoir’s Gardening Group & Animal Farm outing

In November, clients from the Arcare Reservoir community went on a bus trip to visit the Bundoora Park Animal farm and cafe.

The clients enjoyed spending most of the day, walking around, watching and feeding the variety of animals around the park.

After a tiring walk around the park, the group decided to stop for lunch at the cafe. Clients then had the difficult decision of choosing for to have, from the long list of options. Some decided to have the homemade pasties and pies, while others went for the gourmet chicken wraps.

While the day was long, clients said how much they enjoyed being outside under the warm Spring sun and getting back to nature with the animals.

Arcare Aged Care Reservoir Bundoora Animals


Planting the seeds of community

In November, the gardening group at our 5-star aged care community, Arcare Reservoir embraced the upcoming change of season, by beginning their planting process for new flowers, vegetables, fruits and shrubs.

During the gardening group’s meeting, the clients involved came to the general consensus that they should plant tomato bushes and seasonal flowers. Although tomato plants tend to not thrive as well in the Summer heat, the group said that if they plant the bush now, that they would have just enough time, to start growing to survive the heat. However many of the group agreed that the flowers they planted will love to soak up the Summer sun and they bold colours should illuminate the courtyards where they are planted.

“I love working in the garden; there is something about it that calms me.” One client could be heard saying during the gardening group’s class.

The group spent many hours under the shade of the courtyard, digging, planting, watering and admiring their 5-star garden.

Arcare Aged Care Reservoir Gardening StoryArcare Aged Care Reservoir Group Gardening

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