4 December 2019

Busy hands

Arcare Maidstone clients, Carmen and Wendy enjoy keeping their hands and minds with routine housework.

The pair have found that the busier they are, the less time their minds have to wander. Eager to stay busy and help out, Carmen and Wendy requested that they be allowed to assist the laundry team with their daily duties.

“Many hands, makes for lighter work.” Wendy said.

With the Maidstone team having no objections, the pair started their work in the laundry. Carmen and Wendy now spend most of their afternoons, sitting and folding the various laundry items; always appearing keen to assume the next challenge or tackle the next mountain of clothing.

“At first it seemed odd, that they wanted to help out with a mundane task such as laundry. However after seeing their expressions and hearing their laughter as they bonded over a pile of freshly cleaned clothes, I realised that enjoyment can be found in the simple things, even in laundry.” Lifestyle coordinator, Mary said.

“It is comforting to do something that is familiar.” Wendy clarified.

One afternoon, the ladies were tasked with matching up over one hundred socks. Their eyes lit up, as they both eagerly sat down to start the sorting process. It took over an hour, but eventually the ladies came down to their last few socks, only to realise that there was one odd sock.

The laundry team are so thankful for Carmen and Wendy’s ongoing help, and would like to commend them for the great job that they both do.

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