24 May 2019

Cafe and op shop adventures

On a beautiful crisp Autumn morning, clients at Arcare North Lakes ventured out for a little adventure to the local cafe and op shop down the road.

Right on the Redcliffe beachfront overlooking the water, clients disembarked the Arcare bus and they could instantly smell the light, salty breeze.

The wind was cool and the sun was warm, making it the perfect day for an outdoor stroll in nature.

Being on the reminded many of them how much they enjoyed visiting the beach with their families.

They remember making sandcastles, collecting seashells and paddling their feet in the clear, blue waters.

Smiles emerged on everyone’s faces as they enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of the café with ocean views.

Delicious treats and hot drinks were served to everyone in the cosy cafe.

After some good chats and laughs, they were ready to get up and walk again for the second part of their adventure.

There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm as the ladies explored the neighbouring op shop.

They went from aisle to aisle, rifling through the shelves for pretty clothes to update their wardrobe.

There was even a mini fashion show as the ladies tried on clothing after clothing.

The second-hand home-ware section also caught their eye as everyone was eager to grab a good bargain.

One lady said, “I can’t wait to get into the op shop to find some new books to read”.

It was a wonderfully relaxing day for them as they shopped for goodies that can be hard to find.


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