13 March 2020

Arcare Carnegie’s new gym

In June 2019, the Arcare Carnegie residence started to be transformed into a 5-star luxury home, with major renovations commencing and continuing into 2020.

The renovations will include upgraded and brand new suites designs, ensuites, lounge rooms, dining rooms, a theatre, cafe, hair salon, office spaces, a new foyer area and gym.

In the short ten months since the renovations started, the community has already witnessed major updates occur within the residence.

One upgrade that the clients are already using and enjoying, is Arcare Carnegie’s brand new gymnasium.

In March 2020, Arcare Carnegie celebrated the opening of its brand-new gym facility by offering twice weekly Balance and Circuit classes to the community. The Balance and Circuit groups are run by the highly trained onsite physiotherapists, and already, a large number of clients have signed up to join the class.

Clients enjoy a variety of balance and stretching exercises, followed by a circuit of steps, and throwing and catching balls.

So much laughter throughout these sessions, as clients like to get competitive with one another and push themselves.

“Who knew that getting fit could be so much fun.” One client said.

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