3 March 2020

Caulfield’s art & poetry exhibition

In February, the Arcare Caulfield community opened its doors for their first art and poetry exhibition.

Clients were asked to display a variety of their art and poetry pieces, that they had created over the course of their lives. Some clients chose to display some of their work from the residence’s art classes.

The Arcare Caulfield residence was transformed into an art gallery, with easels and tables of the beautiful artwork lining the rooms and hallways. Delicious cakes, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres was severed to the guest upon arrival.

Family, friends and community members attended the event, and enjoyed wandering through, admiring the clients’ work.

“I can’t believe how much talent is in this room.” One person could be overheard saying.

Many of the clients involved in the exhibit were honoured to have their art displayed and appreciated by the masses.

The artists enjoyed talking to and answering the questions of those who walked past and admired their work. The exhibition was a great opportunity for the clients to get to know the other members of the Arcare Caulfield community and beyond.

“Who needs to go to an art gallery, when we can wander around the residence and view all this wonderful art.” One client said.

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