24 September 2019

Celebrating Foundation Day with The Lakes College

Arcare North Lakes has a close partnership with the local school, The Lakes College.

For a few months now, students from the college have been visiting the clients at the residence.

Sometimes they read books together, play games or simply chat.

To the clients, it is the little interactions like these that mean the most to them.

When they have special events, they are also thoughtful enough to invite us along!

Their 15 year Foundation Day celebration involved musical concerts, performances and speeches from teachers and students.

The clients were very glad to have been included in celebrating The Lakes College’s history on that special day.

It was also a great way for both students and clients to reflect on their current relationship with the local community.

As Lorna, Sandra, Jack, Betty, Jo and Dorothy sat back to enjoy the celebrations, they could not help but reminisce on their own high school experience.

“It was so long ago that I can hardly remember. But I do recall the fun times we had and the teachers that were nice to us.” Sandra commented.

Jack also said, “My friends and I were always the cheekiest group in class. I think one time the teachers even had to give us a good scolding!”.

Finding different ways to get involved and partner with the community is important for the clients at Arcare North Lakes.

They form new friendships, gain new experiences, relive past memories and most important of all, they stay positive.

We are always on the lookout for new local community partnerships, whether it’s through activities, events or volunteers.

If this is something you are thinking about, don’t hesitate to contact the lifestyle coordinators at the residences.

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