9 December 2019

Never too old to be a flower girl…

103 year old, Arcare Carnegie client, Marie Parkin was delighted to be included in her grandson, David’s wedding party, as a flower girl in early November.

David and his partner, Kate were determined to have every member of the family present at their wedding. Wanting  to ensure that the centenarian attended the wedding, David and Kate organised to hold their wedding ceremony and reception at the Arcare Carnegie residence.

“Physically it’s just a bit difficult for [Nana] to get around, so we decided to bring the wedding to her,” David said.

On Saturday 9th November, the Parkin and Vella families gathered in Arcare Carnegie’s upstairs lounge to celebrate  the love, that David and Kate share, and witness the life-long commitment they are making to one another. However the ceremony wasn’t just limited to family, with many other clients at Arcare Carnegie being encouraging to join in and watch the nuptials.

“We wanted to involve the other [clients] too and they were chuffed, I think they loved having a buzz about the place,” David said.

Marie threw and scattered rose petals, as she was pushed in her wheelchair down the aisle. Kate then followed, wearing a classic short white dress and a gleaming smile.

The short ceremony was romantic and intimate, with David and Kate sharing bashful glances and inside jokes.

The couple, who have been together for over 10 years, admitted that they both found love for ‘the first time’ when they met each other and started dating.

Marie’s love and pride in her family was evident throughout the ceremony, as she could be seen warmly smiling and even shredding a few tears.

After the ceremony had concluded, guests and clients mingling amongst themselves, and glasses of French champagne were passed around the room to toast ‘best wishes’ to the newlyweds. Marie could be heard, joking with other family members, how she must have been “the oldest flower girl in the world”. Marie then personally expressed her appreciation and thanks to the happy couple for involving her in their special day.

“It was a practical, but beautiful way to spend the day with Nana.” David reflected.

Arcare Aged Care Carnegie Bridesmaid

Arcare Aged Care Carnegie Wedding Bridesmaid 2019

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