30 July 2019

Christmas in July with Copperfield College

Copperfield College have been inviting Arcare Hillside to their annual Christmas in July event for the past 12 years.

This year, the invitation was also extended to Arcare Sydenham, with several of their clients choosing to attend.

Every year the high school students organise and cater for up to 40 Arcare clients, and are involved in preparing the menu and food, as well as serving and decorating the room.

The students decorated the room in red, green and gold tinsel and balloons, with a festive Christmas lighting up one corner of the room.

This year, talented students formed a choir to sing Christmas carols to the clients, while everyone enjoyed their meal.

One Arcare Hillside client, Joan, who use to perform in a chore, got up to sing along with the students.

The students were very engaging and welcoming to the Arcare Hillside and Sydenham clients, which was appreciated by all very much.

This a very special partnership, that we hope will continue to grow for many more years to come.

Arcare Aged Care Hillside Xmasinjuly1
Arcare Aged Care Hillside Xmasinjuly

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