2 July 2019

Community challenge

Every Friday for the past three month, students from Kilvington Grammar have been visiting the Arcare Brighton community.

The students were challenged by their school to complete a project that would positively impact and reflect the wider community.

As well as volunteering their time at the residence, the students also decided to record and share the wonderful and intricate life stories of the clients at Arcare Brighton.

With the guidance from lifestyle coordinator, Margaret, the students spent their time getting to the know the clients and the community, before diving into documenting their life stories.

After extensive research and interviews, the students decided to focus their projects on the stories and lives of ten particular clients.

Once the students completed their project, they were tasked with presenting it to their teachers, peers, families and special guests at Kilvington Grammar’s Challenge Expo.

All of the clients that had been involved in the program were invited to attend the presentation.

The students chose to present their overall work on a large colourful poster and chose to hand out the individual stories in a booklet, to each client who attended.

The clients were overjoyed to receive their booklet, which contained their personal stories and felt proud that they were able to contribute to the younger generations community program.

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